Public Conseil

Business strategy consulting

Ethics: The Council’s guiding principle

Public Conseil pays particular attention to the Council’s ground rules:

  • Confidentiality, essential in the business world
  • Independence, which gives it the necessary freedom to carry out its mission
  • Integrity, guaranteeing the best advice in accordance with the law
  • Objectivity, which provides a warning about the benefit/risk ratio of decisions
  • Compliance with commitments, in terms of time and resources


Mission: To make a project a reality

One imperative is to understand the issues at stake: advising a company director means first of all knowing how to listen to him.
It is then to provide them with an external view of their company, its strengths and weaknesses, its desires and fears.
Finally, it means building a new page for the future with the company, finding the financial means to make a project a reality and accompanying it through all the phases and possibilities (joint ventures, disposals, buyouts, fundraising, etc.)
Public Conseil’s strength lies in its dual legal and entrepreneurial approach, which enables it to be at the side of the company director from the beginning to the end of his development project.

Viewpoint: The Council, a range of expertise to serve the company

Business strategy consulting is an activity that combines a range of skills.
It allows the company director to draw on skills that he or she does not have internally, in addition to the external viewpoint of the Board, the importance of which should not be underestimated.
It therefore implies a great deal of honesty when accepting a file, as a Council cannot commit itself to an expertise that it does not master.
Highly committed to this intellectual honesty, Public Conseil undertakes to provide the companies that place their trust in it with all its know-how in the legal, economic and tax fields, as well as the full extent of its network in France and abroad.