Public Conseil
Agence de relations institutionnelles - Public Conseil

A recognised consultancy firm

Institutional relations: the advantages of Public Conseil

  • More than 20 years of involvement in parliamentary work: through constant practice of the law, knowledge of elected officials and their direct collaborators, mastery of parliamentary procedure, largely unknown to the business world;
  • Perfect knowledge of the institutions: this is the guarantee of working effectively to advance issues both in the Government and in Parliament;
  • The firm’s “Law-Science-Policy” training, which promotes a good understanding of the issues and solutions in a wide range of sectors;
  • Budgets framed and adjusted to each mission.

Corporate strategy: the advantages of Public Conseil

Public Conseil: A firm in partnership with a major law firm.
A partnership that enables it to call on highly specialised skills in the fields of labour law, environmental law, business law, etc., in the service of companies and business federations.

Public Conseil : A firm with an international dimension.
Through her chairmanship of the Institutional Commission of the Groupement du Patronat Francophone (GPF), Geneviève Salsat gives Public Conseil an international dimension, and more particularly a French-speaking dimension, in order to help companies to set up and trade in this formidable trading area.